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Our bottom line is increasing your bottom line by maximizing your sales at the retail level. Our services are comprehensive and always customized to your merchandising plans. Our Account Managers work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need, and our merchandisers deliver results in every store visit.

  • Every MMC account is overseen by a dedicated Account Manager and monitored by a meticulous Quality Assurance program.There is a constant flow of information between on-site merchandisers, the MMC Account Manager and you, our client.
  • Our Field Merchandisers work within an efficient, well-developed framework that leaves nothing to chance. Our merchandisers have proven quality experience, and all applicants are registered with NARMS.
  • Each merchandiser services the same stores, building relationships with store management. These relationships encourage cooperation for space, fixturing, and other valuable on-site needs.
  • Our merchandisers are focused on effectively marketing your products. We get your products out of the stockroom, onto the selling floor, and set up so consumers choose them over others.
  • MMC has a wide range of services that can be personalized to fit your specific needs.
  • MMC operates at optimum efficiency to give you more service for every dollar. Our cost-effective approach means you see bottom-line results.
  • MMC trains and informs store associates about your brand so that they can sell your products to their customers.
  • Improved product appearance at the point of sale, which influences customers to choose your brand.
  • More positive vendor/retailer partnerships, due to superior support at the store level.
  • Improved implementation of marketing programs by merchandisers who understand the programs and how to make them work effectively.
  • Better local support for national sales promotions.
  • Versatile reporting for a clearer insight on retail activity, in individual stores and nationwide.
  • Instant response to changes in product, pricing, and promotion.
  • Time for your sales team to focus on your customers, which results in an increase in profits.
  • Maximum return on your investment over an in-house service because every servicing dollar goes to in-store time, not to salaries and benefits. You only pay for our time IN THE STORE, not on the road or in the office.
  • Variable expense and flexible scheduling that can float with your sales budget, to increase during busy times, decrease during slow times.

We work hard to make sure your products are out of the stock room, set to Plan-o-gram and ready for purchase. Here are some examples of how our dedication gets results.

Stock doesn’t sell in the stockroom; getting product out is the only way a consumer can purchase it. On a recent store visit for a gadget manufacturer we pulled about 4,000 pieces from the stockroom and placed them on the selling floor. That is $420,000.00 worth of merchandise that was not on the floor when we arrived, but was when we left!
After our merchandisers had serviced a product, our reports came back indicating that new packaging was hurting sales. Because of our visit, the company reworked their packaging and sell-through improved.
Sales personnel noticed that a vendor’s UPC code and price stickers were falling off of the product. This made it impossible to conduct inventory and determine accurate sales figures. Our team went into the stores and re-stickered all items on the floor and in backstock, just in time for the stores to complete inventory. The sales figures were now being captured correctly.
When a new vendor was introduced into the stores, old product needed to be packed up and shipped back to the original vendor. Our merchandisers went into the stores, packed up the old product, labeled it and had it ready to be shipped out. They also set the new product to POG. The transition from one vendor to another was made and sales soared.
A new vendor had received approval for a display from store management. They were hesitant to ship the displays directly to the stores, because they were afraid they would be overlooked in the stockroom. We suggested sending the displays directly to our merchandisers, who then hand carried them into the stores, set them up, and merchandised them to the POG. Within a week the displays were set up, the product was filled in, and the merchandise was ready for a planned advertisement.


The key to our success is our emphasis on quality - in our people, in our systems, and how we service your product in Kohl’s.
Increasing your bottom line is our bottom line.
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