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Merchandise Management Company’s (MMC) sole purpose is to increase your business at Kohl's. Our services are exclusive to Kohl’s vendors. That means we devote all of our attention and expertise to provide full coverage for your product in every Kohl’s store.

MMC is a national merchandising company that has been in the retail merchandising business since 1979. Our office is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just minutes from Kohl’s Corporate Headquarters. We’re always available to meet with you when you visit Kohl’s, and we can meet at our office, at a Kohl’s branch store, or even at the airport before you leave. We find this personal contact very valuable for learning about your newest products, special promotions or plan-o-gram changes – in short, everything that will help us provide the best service to increase the sales of your product at Kohl’s. From ongoing servicing and resets to repackaging and new store setups, MMC is the answer to all of your in-store needs.







The key to our success is our emphasis on quality - in our people, in our systems, and how we service your product in Kohl’s.
Increasing your bottom line is our bottom line.
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