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What our clients say…

Sales have improved and the mentality of the buyer and planners has changed knowing dedicated coordinators were on the job. Your service is very helpful and I thank you for expediting this job so quickly.

Richard, Accessory Company

This is fantastic! Thank you for such an efficient recap. Overall, we have had a successful cold weather season and appreciate your help in achieving this. It was a pleasure to work with you! We will be in touch.

Jeanine, Accessory Company

PS-You have my vote, as I think without your service our business would be a lot tougher. Keep up the good work!

Fred, Intimates Company

The summer test was very strong and we learned much from it, enough that we believe we will now find the path to an expanded business.

Dawn, Denim Company

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for getting the Comfort Shorts rehung so quickly. I just looked through all the posted reports and pics and it is tremendously better! Kohl’s is happy so that’s the goal.

Dawn, Denim Company

This is amazing. Thank you for the level of detail, pictures are priceless. I’ve already put an order in for replacement displays due to the notes your reps provided. Thanks!

Kelly, Footwear Company

Great work team! I visited the site yesterday to review all the postings and forwarded to my buyer. Thanks so much. You are my go to company for any future opportunities. Cheers!

Joe, Bedding Company

Kohl’s sales went up 28%; it couldn’t be more black and white the impact your servicing provided!

Lisa, Hosiery Company

Wow, what a difference the reworking of the fixtures and towers is making! I can’t tell you how important these photos are, especially the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots, as these show the biggest impact.

Mike, Men’s Undergarment Company

This is a GREAT Recap! Thank you so much for you and your team’s efforts in getting the product set up and on the floor. Please share with them that the unit sales went up 18% from the previous week.

Sherri, Sleepwear Company

Read all the alerts and recap and viewed photos, this is great. So you are aware it is doing VERY well and hopefully it will be expanded next year.

Kathy, Sleepwear Company

Sales have been very strong so far, especially on the jackets. Very happy with the merchandisers too. The buyers love that we have pictures and can give visibility into their stores they otherwise don’t always see.

Charles, Outerwear Company

I am VERY happy with the results that MMC is producing! MMC is wonderful to work with and really gets what we’re trying to do! The photos are SO helpful.

Sonya, Maternity Apparel Company

Enhancing the in-store experience and lifting retail sales.

We work as a team, collaborating with vendors, merchandisers and retailers to deliver an unbeatable service that drives results.

  • Department resets, new product launches, new store setups and remodels.
  • Locate shipments, pull and fill back stock, set fixtures and rearrange floorplans.
  • Store surveys, before and after servicing photos, training material and POP delivery.
  • RTVs, repair or replace packaging, stickering and labeling.
  • Year-round servicing, or prep for key ads, seasonal builds and holidays.



MMC’s merchandisers ensure the priorities of your program are met. We have the experience to efficiently and effectively get your product displayed to POG – whether it’s a new set or refresh.


POP Delivery & Placement

MMC’s merchandisers can handle the delivery and installation of display units, marketing materials, and signage, ensuring a timely and proper placement.

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Extensive experience in diverse retail environments.

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